• Polyglass Insulation

    Polyglass Insulated Magnet Wire

    Textile covering consisting of pure fiberglass yarn, which is wrapped, treated, and then heat fused to the underlying conductor. Can be constructed with a single layer or double layer of glass yarn. Read More.

  • Magnet Wire Stocking

    Magnet Wire Stocking Programs

    S&W Wire can create a wire stocking program to meet your supply chain requirements and schedules increasing your efficientcy and consistancy. Read More.

  • Wire Testing Services

    Wire Testing Services

    We conduct tests that are useful for specification and control purposes of the magnet-wire, enamels, and insulation for determining quality and uniformity of batches. Read More.

  • Wire on Demand

    Wire On Demand - Respooling

    S&W Wire allows you to buy what you need and not the entire roll, we also respool the wire to miantain its integrity and shape for your applications. Read More.

  • EASA Convention 2016
  • Hollow Conductor Tubing

    Hollow Conductor Tubing

    This seamless tubing provides conductivity and stucture and reduces the total machining requirements by avoiding the initial drilling operation. Read More.

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Magnet Wire Manufacturer

S & W Wire Company, America's premium wire service, was originally created in 1988 to address the need for quick turnaround manufacture of glass and Kapton served magnet wire. With up to 150,000 pounds in stock in over 200 sizes plus a computerized linkup to North America's largest wire inventories,
S&W Wire can meet all of your needs for premium wire service.

Our service and value does not stop with just quick turnaround orders, however. We are very competitive on standard, scheduled lead-time orders in any quantity, so think of us for your longer lead-time, and higher volume needs also. If you need only need a few pounds of wire, keep in mind that we have no minimums, so less than reel quantities are no problem.

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Wire on Demand


S&W Wire on Demand is a unique suite of services that are designed to serve a wide range of magnet wire buyers both large and small. We can offer you exact lengths of wire, stocking programs to meet your demand or even testing services.


Magnet Wire Inventory


Check our in-stock inventory within two clicks to find the diameter of magnet wire you need. Our inventory is updated daily for your convenience and one more click to the quote form helps you expedite your order. 


Magnet Wire Products


We offer a wide range of magnet wire products in square rectangular and round shapes in addition to material choices and hollow conductor tubing. We offer both bare wire and insulated products to meet your application requirements.


Magnet Wire Quote


Need a quote on magnetic wire products and services quick? Need help selecting the right product for your application? Our online quote request allows you to quickly get a quote and allows you to upload your specs and materials list in one place.