Magnet Wire

Magnet wire  sometimes referred to as “Winding Wire” is a copper or aluminum wire that is insulated with a thin film or coating and creates a magnetic field when the wire is would in a coil and power is applied. Magnet wire is used in transformers, generators and a long list of electrical components in almost anything with an electric motor.

copper magnet wireMagnet wire comes in a variety of sizes which refer to the diameter of the wire and also categorized by the shape of the profile including rectangular, square, round, etc. The term “enameled” also refers to the insulation applied to the copper wire. Technically the magnet wire is not coated with actual enamel but usually coated with one to four layers of thin film made of polyester, polyglass and or polymide, you can read more about insulation by clicking here.

S&W Wire stocks and distributes a wide range of magnet wire shapes and sizes to meet your application and production needs. We offer the unique ability to order just the amount you need without having to purchase the entire roll and even provide stocking programs to synchronize with your supply needs.
WE have done our best to provide our inventory and capabilities and invite your inquires if there is something you need but did not see on our website.

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Magnet Wire Manufacturing Capabilities

1/0-13AWG Round Copper
1-13 AWG Square Aluminum
.040-.700 Rectangular Hollow
Bare   Polyglass
200°C Enamel   Kapton
220°C Enamel   Glass
Epoxy   Dielectric
Polyester   Elongation
Silicone   Bend
JW 1177   24 Hour
OEM Specific   48-72 Hours
    4-6 Day
    7 Day
    Long Lead Time



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