Model Based Enterprise | MBE

S&W Wire understands that not everyone needs the entire spool of magnet wire for their production requirement and offers magnet wire in the length and diameter you want. We also offer re-spooling of wire to ensure proper length and reduced scrap rate. Our precision wire re-spooling machine provides accurate and gentle rewinding of wire from a full spool to a smaller spool without damaging the physical properties of the wire or damaging the surface and or integrity of the magnet wire.

This video demonstrates our re-spooling capabilities

We understand that the magnet wire we offer is being used in electrical applications with very specific tolerances and that our wire must be of the highest quality. Re-spooling allows the wire to be transferred from one spool to another without damaging the shape or physical characteristics of the wire, which could result in poor quality performance.

In addition to the right equipment, all of our employees have years of experience cutting and re-spooling wire ensuring that the final product has the same quality as the original wire.

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